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The traders and local people of Half Moon Lane, Railton Rd, Milkwood Rd, and Herne Hill, in particular those from the commissioning and steering group:

Diana Burn (Oliver Burn Estate Agents), Barrie Westwell (The Illusioneer), Maggie Saunders (GoodWebsite.net), Tricia Keracher-Summerfield (HHF), George Hornby (HHF), Charlotte Ashworth (HHF), Kate Hinton (PR)

Contemporary Art Society: Ailve McCormack, Megan O’Shea, Fabienne Nicholas, Marcus Crofton.

Benson Sedgwick Engineering: Barry Goillau, Jeff, Andy, Robbie, Kenny, Shane.

MTec: Dee Williams

Southwark Council, Thames Water, Dulwich Estate, Southeastern Rail, National Rail.

Herne Hill Society: Colin Wight, Lawrence Marsh.

Those who contributed and inspired:

Gertrude Blattman, Robert Holden, Elaine Parleton (The Flower Lady), Olive Pompa, Dylan Thomas, Maude Estwick, George Hornby, Sheila Northover, Bono, Peter Blair, Frank Spencer (Michael Crawford), Judith Kerr.

Thank you to all tenants, businesses and landlords at each location who kindly agreed to host a drawing.